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Henry VI, king of England
Henry VI, king of England
* Windsor Castle 06.12.1421 + London, Tower of London 21.05.1471
Father: Henry V, king of England * 16.09.1387
Mother: Catherine de Valois, princesse de France * 27.10.1401
Titchfield Abbey, Hampshire 23.04.1445
Marguerite d' Anjou, princesse de Naples * 23.03.1429

  • 08.05.1450
    Jack Cade's Rebellion: Kentishmen revolt against King Henry VI.
  • 04.03.1461
    Wars of the Roses in England: Lancastrian King Henry VI is deposed by his Yorkist cousin, who then becomes King Edward IV.
  • 30.10.1470
    Henry VI of England returns to the English throne after Earl of Warwick defeats Yorkists in battle.
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